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Training is a key tool created to guarantee the development of human capital, it is the provision of courses and workshops that aim to upgrade, prepare and instruct employees of any firm or company in the professional and technical areas.

The constant updating and staff training is a useful tool to adjust the skills of employees at all levels, in order to meet the needs and philosophy of the company they work for, all with the aim of responding to the challenges and changes that presents in the everyday life.

Even when employees have an excellent technical level, it is worth investing in their personal growth through human development courses. Though these, every element of your company can achieve significant improvements in their performance and attitude, giving as a result bonds of loyalty and trust, which will be directly reflected on the productivity of the company.
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Coaching is teaching, training and creating a development process in which an individual gets support while learning to achieve a specific personal or professional goal. The coach accompanies by the hand to the coachee in any processes of change. This assistance considers the needs of the company and the coachee in the process, all in order to find the most effective way to achieve completely clear objectives with the help of his/her resources and skills.

In recent years Coaching has become a leading tool for any person or executive who wants to break with the paradigms that prevent him from improving his/her performance, all for the purpose of obtaining tangible and concrete results. The main objective of this process is to develop new behaviors and beliefs about issues that limit the performance of each executive.

The Coach will establish in conjunction with the executive and / or the company for which he works, aims to ensure professional development. The goal is to train a person able to balance all aspects of life and work, optimizing his / her knowledge, skills and to approach to the issues that directly impact their job performance. Our goal is to provide clients with tools and support to enable them to accomplish more in less time.
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A consultant is a highly trained professional focused to provide solutions to challenges. Today, business leaders and professionals with great responsibilities rely on external consultants to support and improve the quality of their companies.

Therefore, the consultant is an impartial, independent individual which has a strong ethical commitment. The consultant's work covers a broad spectrum that begins with a diagnosis that seeks to optimize processes and personal dynamics with the tools that may be necessary, such as Training, Coaching or Head Research.

Similarly, a consultant accompanies executives and managers in making decisions for any challenging or unsatisfactory situation within a company, to thereby influence the optimization of job functions.

In KATZARO CORPORATIVO you will find comprehensive help or advice for the development and success of your company in the Human Resources area.

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