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Head Research

KATZARO CORPORATIVO has an extensive experience in the areas of Mapping, Research, Recruitment and Selection, looking for the best talent that fits your needs and organizational culture.

We are professionals and we perfectly adapt to the needs of our customers. We handle your needs with skill and care, so that our customers can actually perceive the difference in the service we provide.

Our Methodology

Ideal Profile
We build the ideal profile hand to hand with of our customers, we focus on the intangible aspects of candidate profiles and workforce; we also integrate relevant aspects of organizational culture, mission, vision and values ​​of your company to ensure that talent candidates provide what your company is looking for.
We select the best candidates according to personal skills and abilities required by your company’s profile. Each candidate is also subject to in-depth interview, that extra allows this find the perfect candidate, the one that fits entirety and may contribute to the performance of your company.
Head Hunting
We create a process of Recruitment and Selection which fulfills any profile specifications.
We present a slate of candidates that fit the profile and position requirements.
We endorse the reliability of our choice based on the candidate's work references, all of this thanks to our experience in the application of quality filters.

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Katzaro Corp.
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(0155) 5601-2371
(0155) 5604-0795

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