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The evaluations are used to identify certain values, traits and skills in job applicants and vital part of the selection process of companies, which generally employ or projective psychological tests to select from among several candidates, the most suitable of all according to the job profile and company culture.

As a part of evaluating the candidates, we make sure that exhaustive investigations of the applicant take place (as long as our client requests them) such as:

· Deep work reference verifications
· Socio-economic studies
· National verification of any kind of legal trials that the candidate may have been part of
· Verificación a nivel nacional de juicios legales de todo tipo en lo que pueda haber intervenido el candidato
· Graphology Expertise
· Official Letter of criminal records, issued by the Government of Mexico
· Specialized psychometric tests (intelligence and personality)

Frequently Asked Questions

¿How are the psychometric test results interpreted?
The results of psychometric tests, unlike projective scales are standardized; this is useful when comparing the results of all job applicants in the selection process. Thanks to the standards of such tests and its quantifiable results, we are able to establish and compare these results with the best standards. In that way we can measure personality traits, values, interests, skills, abilities, intelligence, preferences, behavioral tendencies, etc.., in an integrated way.
¿What are psychometric tests for?
Psychometric tests are a useful tool to know in depth the strengths and limitations of the candidates and so predict their behavior and performance in the workplace. For this reason, a pre-assessment will allow the employer to provide guidance and encouragement to the candidate, if elected. A bonus of this type of testing is that it is possible to know in detail the degree of personal and professional satisfaction of any person, issues that directly impact job performance.
¿What are intelligence tests?
Intelligence tests will deliver an IQ. This type of evidence corroborates the skills and abilities of a candidate face pressure and challenges. Another vital aspect that can be quantified in this way is to know the analytical capabilities of the candidates. This ability is critical since it indicates, at a level of mental functionality, how flexible is the candidate to solve everyday problems and to function properly in a work environment. These tests shed other aspects to consider as attention span, concentration, level of learning, common sense, and others. Most of these tests have a time limit to be made, an issue which is also part of the evaluation, so that candidates often do not complete all the questions.
¿What are the personality tests?
They analyze the salient features of any person as sociability, confidence, authority, emotional stability, self-control, among others. Furthermore, severe psychiatric disorders can be discarded. They are usually applied to achieve a level of knowledge based on the competencies that the candidate must have to function properly within a company.

The evaluation is a detailed process that is reinforced with a thorough interview, the end of the interview is to consider the candidate in all its dimensions and aspects to consider what traditional tests might overlook. The experience of our consultants, expertise, and extensive knowledge of human factors give the entire process high reliability in the results presented.
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