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Katzaro Corporativo SC, located in Heriberto Frias 1527-701, Col. Del Valle, Mexico City, 03100, is responsible for handling and safeguarding the information you provide.
In Katzaro Corporativo we are committed to protecting your privacy. In this notice, "Katzaro Corporativo" refers to: Katzaro Corporativo S.C. who henceforth will be mentioned as The Responsible. Our promise is to protect all personal information you provide and make all reasonable efforts to use the way you choose. We at Katzaro Corporativo are taking a leadership role in order to help our customers and other businesses to understand the importance of proper use of your personal information. We reiterate our commitment to maintain and safeguard the personal, sensitive or financial information that you provide to us.
The purpose of this Privacy Notice is to inform you about the privacy practices of Katzaro Corporativo. The Privacy Notice describes the choices you have regarding the information collected and how it is used.
You can access this statement at the bottom of every page on every site where applicable and where personal information is requested. This policy also explains the security measures taken to protect your information, the availability that you have to have access to such information and who to contact Katzaro Corporativo for questions or to resolve any issue related to this Privacy Notice. For information about the collection of other kind of data, please use the contact information provided below.
Please read this notice carefully as when providing any kind of data you are implicitly accepting this notice.
In order to assist in the search for better job opportunities, Personal, Sensitive and Financial information is requested, it will be confidential and protected from Katzaro Corporativo who will remain responsible for the same. Personal, Sensitive or Financial Data you may provide to The Responsible will used as will  be used but not limited to as follows:
To identify, locate, communicate, contact, and to hand on to third parties by any means in which the law permits the use of Personal, Sensitive or Financial Data, which have direct relation to the type of interaction you have with the Responsible, which may be labor, civil, commercial or of any other nature. The temporary management of Personal, Sensitive or Financial Data will be considered from the date that you provided any kind of information to The Responsible , until such time as you notify us of your desire to inquire, modify or remove it from our database.
The main objectives of The Responsible regarding the collection of your information above are:
First, give you personal attention and, second, to facilitate your development within any potential workplace. Personal information also allows us to provide you a better service and always keep communication with you to match your interests and thus provide more and better job opportunities.
Once you provide to The Responsible your Personal, Sensitive or Financial Data, we declare that they will be preserved in different safe means that technology allows, to which access is limited only to individuals and / or entities with which The Responsible have any legal relationship. The Responsible will take the appropriate security measures to protect the use of your Personal, Sensitive or Financial Data from unauthorized third parties. In case of any requirement by any authority, personal data, sensitive and / or financial, may be made available to them, in strict compliance with the Act.
The Responsible implements a number of measures of administrative and data preservation techniques to help protect your personal information. The Responsible has Internal Control Standards which relate specifically to the handling of personal information. These include certain controls to help to safeguard the information we collect solely at our offices.
Katzaro Corporativo employees are trained to understand and comply with these controls and we communicate them as our Privacy Policy, practices and guidelines.
If you are a registered member of The Responsible you can review and update your Personal, Sensitive or Information by several means which may be: written, electronic or telephonic message directed to Katzaro Corporativo generically in the following address: Heriberto Frias 1527-701, Col. Del Valle, Mexico City, 03100. Or if you prefer to e-mail your request you can do it to the address to the attention of Rocio Cazzaro, or phone to the 5601-2371, Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 19:00 pm on weekdays, as appropriate. We will make every reasonable effort to ensure that their requests are met. In order to protect your privacy we may requires proof of identity.
The Responsible may transfer data to any third party, with a prior notification addressed to the Contractor by any means, whether written, telephone, electronic, optical, audio, visual or any other technology that we are granted by law, now or in the future, which will be explained to the new Owner in order to obtain authorization, and  to provide the information provided by you to the applying different Companies in which you may intend to work in t, in printed, digital, visual, sound or any other technologic platform.
To be the case, you are entitled to object to, and shall follow the process mentioned in the previous point.
In any Sensitive Data case, you must provide The Responsible your express written consent for treatment, through your signature, electronic signature, or any authentication mechanism established for that purpose.
“Therefore I express my complete acceptance and disposal; without restriction or limitation, to integrate the registration program. To that end, I note my absolute will and cooperation for the development of the process.
Which consists of the following phases:
1. – To integrate my record with reliable and identifiable documentation.
2. – To deliver of reliable documentation (in duplicate).
3. –To integrate security and employment information, including financial or economic data required for process development.
Also, I give my full consent without restriction of any kind, or reservation, so you can verify my personal references and validate the information I have provided, either with government agencies, or with individuals or companies referred.
I agree and authorize the final result to be delivered to my potential Contractor, who will be responsible for the confidentiality of the same, and will guarantee its use solely has only labor purposes.”
The processing of personal data of users conducted by the Katzaro Corporativo S.C., and the sending of commercial communications by electronic or other means are consistent, respectively, with the general regulations in force: Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals in Mexican Territory.
Katzaro Corporativo reserves the right to modify this Privacy Notice from time to time, with notice by e-mail or other means of which the Responsible has the information.

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