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KATZARO CORPORATIVO, S.C. is a Consulting Firm focused in the Human Resources area. Our team is formed by a group of experts in the field of Headhunting, Recruitment and Selection, Consulting and Business Coaching. We work with the highest standards of excellence and innovation in the market with a deep understanding of the key trends.

We have a fundamental principle: to work as a craftsman, careful and focused on the most important aspects of our work, with the aim of providing attention to your needs from a holistic perspective of development and growth.
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To motivate the creation, development, improvement and professionalization of individuals, organizations and institutions through specialized consultancy services.
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Working in a spirit of honesty, gratitude, commitment and responsibility, all directed with specific detail.
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To consolidate as a leading firm dedicated to Organizational Consulting, with creativity, capacity for innovation and commitment with our customers, always based on principles and values ​​that contribute to the maximization of resources and benefits with a strategic vision.

Our Team

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Rocío Cazzaro

Managing Director and founder of KATZARO CORPORATIVO, SC Business Executive whose expertise is well known in the area of ​​Clinical Psychology. She has held numerous positions in private companies in the area of ​​Head Hunting, Recruitment, Selection and Training. She has also driven several courses in the field of ​​human development in companies and prestigious banks such as Banamex. Additionally, along with her current and most loyal customers, there is Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, and Algarabía, a prestigious cultural magazine, part of the corporate Aljamía, among others. Rocío Cazzaro plans to expand its area of ​​expertise to life coaching. Rocio Cazzaro is in the process of expanding her area of ​​expertise to Life Coaching.
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Cristina Torres Castrejón

PhD Candidate in Social Sciences from the Metropolitan Autonomous University, she attended the Masters in Social Psychology of Groups and Institutions at UAM and a BA in Psychology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Currently, she is a consultant in HR; her area of ​​specialization is aimed at Assessing Competencies, with emphasis on management and group discussion. She has participated as well in projects of public and private institutions in the area of ​​Performance Evaluation, Promotion and Career Planning. She has deserved several awards in the areas of investigation and evaluation of the training process in organizations. Her experience in the field of the study of human behavior has allowed her to open lines of research and to develop in the field of Coaching and Counseling Psychology.

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